Case Study – A Flight Attendant’s Journey with Liquid Expat Mortgages

A Flight Attendant's Journey with Liquid Expat Mortgages

Flight Attendant Mortgage Case Study

This is a great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped a Flight Attendant to secure a mortgage for a property in London.

The scenario.
Vicky H approached Liquid Expat Mortgages in 2018. She was attendant with Singapore Airlines, and she’d worked herself up to a senior cabin crew role. She took many long-haul journeys worldwide which meant she spent a lot of time either in the air or at her end destination. Sometimes, she could be away for weeks at a time.

Despite being a non-UK resident, Vicky wanted to own a property in London as she frequently flew to and from here. She would also stopover in London where she had many friends, and she could easily access parts of Europe where she had family and friends. She’d found two properties she liked and was determined to create a London base for herself. However, being a non-UK resident was complex.

Here’s how it worked.
The challenge of securing a mortgage in the UK while being a non-UK resident and receiving her income in a foreign currency meant traditional lenders were hesitant due to these unique circumstances, labelling her as a high-risk borrower. Once we understood Vicky’s financial and residential situation, we quickly prepared all the requirements to find a suitable mortgage solution that would align with her aspirations and unconventional employment situation.

We identified a specialised lender we’d worked with for several years and working closely with us we were able to navigate the intricacies of Vicky’s case, ensuring all aspects of her unique case were considered. Our tailored situation based on years of experience of dealing with similar cases meant Vicky secured a mortgage that allowed her to establish a base in London, a city close to her heart.

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