Why UK Expats Should Opt For A Mortgage Broker

Why UK Expats Should Opt For A Mortgage Broker

UK Expat Mortgage Broker

There are now an estimated 5.5 million Britons living abroad – that’s almost 1 in 10 of the UK population. Many in this growing community of British expats remain unaware that they can still obtain a mortgage on UK properties despite living abroad. When looking for a mortgage, expats have the choice of going direct to a lender or using a mortgage broker. Initially, using a mortgage broker might appear to be unnecessary. However, if you are an expat looking for a UK mortgage, you should consider an expert mortgage broker. In the complicated world of expat mortgages, mortgage brokers can tailor a wide-range of mortgages to your specific needs.

Why Should I Use A Mortgage Broker?

Why should you opt to use a mortgage broker over going direct to another lender? On the face of it, this option may seem cheaper and therefore more attractive, especially when coupled with the expense of buying a first house or moving. However, the choice to go direct to a lender can add a whole heap of time and stress to the process of obtaining a mortgage. Not to mention the expense you might incur if you opt for a bad mortgage. Even with a good understanding of the mortgage market, opting not to use a broker might mean missing out as some brokers have unique access to a larger range of mortgages via exclusive deals with lenders. Further, mortgage brokers quicken the application process and reduce stress by applying to mortgages you’re likely to be accepted for.

Whilst going direct to a lender might mean that you avoid broker fees, this doesn’t show the bigger picture. When applying for a mortgage directly with a lender, the advice you receive will refer only to their own products rather than an impartial and comprehensive view of the market on the whole. As well as this, you will miss out on any broker-only deals, even if they’re offered by your chosen lender. And, this might mean that you’re missing out on the best deal for you.

On the other hand, whilst mortgage brokers will charge a fee for their service, this shouldn’t be seen as prohibitive since a broker can:
– Utilise their expert knowledge in the field for your benefit.
– More clearly tailor their advice to your financial situation.
– Execute exclusive ‘broker-only’ deals.
– Access the whole mortgage market which means better choices for you.
– Save time and energy by liaising with lenders on your behalf.

What Can Liquid Expat Do For You?

So, why choose Liquid Expat when deciding on a broker? Liquid Expat is a full-service mortgage broker focusing exclusively on UK expats. CEO of Liquid Expat, Stuart Marshall, believes that on an international stage, it’s better dealing with a broker who will have a more comprehensive understanding of the global market, channelling their time and expertise into a narrow focus tailored specifically to the UK expat community. This single-minded approach to their business enables Liquid Expat to keep abreast of the latest market developments and foster fruitful, and long-lasting, relationships with quality lenders.

Liquid Expat is committed to a no-nonsense approach that cuts through the jargon in favour of straight-talking and honest advice. They adopt a pluralistic approach to their operation, recognising that every client is different and responding specifically to their needs. In lieu of this, Liquid Expat goes beyond broking and can offer a whole range of other services to suit the client’s needs, including:
– teaching clients about the dynamics of the market;
– finding and securing the right finance deal for you;
– moving the money for deposits and fees;
– and even helping to find the ideal investment property.

It is with services like these that Liquid Expat aims to redefine the expat lending experience, going beyond brokering to offer a range of added-value services delivered with efficiency, empathy and expertise.

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