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Having the right Will in place for your requirements and wishes can be an important way to protect your family and loved ones: saving on inheritance tax, and hopefully heading off family disputes about how your possessions should be divided. That’s because a Will is a legally binding document which tells everyone what should happen to your money, possessions, and property – otherwise known as your ‘estate’ – after you die. There are many factors that can complicate making a will and these can become a little more difficult to manage when you throw matters of residency and your domicile status into the mix.

Liquid Expat Mortgages does not provide Legal or Tax advice, however, we have a Specialist Partner that can assist with Wills, Inheritance Tax (IHT), and Estate Planning. Our Solicitor Partners are used to dealing with Non-Domicile (Non-Dom) Status, UK Expats & Foreign Nationals.

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When Should You Make A Will?

  • To decide who inherits your UK property, savings, shares, and personal possessions if you die.
  • If you have children under the age of 18 – appointing guardians to take care of your children will avoid family disputes and make sure that you are in control of who takes care of your children, no matter what happens.
  • To make sure that your children are provided for financially – we can advise on how to create trusts and put money aside for your children once they turn 18.
  • If you have a long-term unmarried partner. The law does not provide for them, meaning they could be left with nothing, unless you account for them in your Will.
  • If you want to make sure that taxes and assets are managed properly so that your family do not have to deal with difficult financial problems if you die.
  • If you want to leave money to charities or other specific causes.
  • If you have specific wishes for your funeral and what you want to happen to your body when you die.

By not creating a valid Will, it could leave your loved ones vulnerable, and your affairs will be taken out of your loved ones’ hands.


Why Expats & Foreign Nationals Should Make a UK Will

A Will outlines exactly what you want to happen to your assets when you die. Without a valid Will in place, your hard-earned assets will find themselves distributed under the rules of Intestacy. Often, this results in your assets being distributed in a way that you might not want and could mean your loved ones losing out.

As an Expat or Foreign National, there are even more reasons to ensure a valid Will is in place in the country where you have assets and where you live. Different countries have different rules around inheritance, property, and tax. You need a Will that protects your assets as much as possible and ensures that your wishes regarding your estate are carried out accordingly.

If you do not have the right type of Will in place, then you risk the following:

  • Your assets may not end up where you want them to go.
  • It can take several years to sort out the affairs across different jurisdictions.
  • You may end up paying more tax than is necessary as well as running up unnecessary legal bills which can easily be prevented with the advice of a Specialist Solicitor.
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How our Specialist expertise can benefit you:

  • Advice on preparation of Wills.
  • General Estate Planning advice.
  • Inheritance tax advice such as preserving tax reliefs.
  • Lifetime disposals of business interests.
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (for personal and business affairs).
  • The use of Trusts through which structures, clients may achieve long-term protection, flexibility, and control.
  • Contesting a Will – Addressing issues in a Will.
  • Contentious Probate – disputes regarding the administration of the estate.
  • Inheritance Act Claims – Unfair exclusion or inadequate provision from a Will.
  • Trust Disputes – All trust disputes, including the removal of a trustee, and correct management of estate assets.
  • Professional Negligence – Redress for Improper Will drafting or negligent advice from a solicitor or Will writer.
  • Financial Deputyship Concerns – Addressing concerns related to financial deputyship when the deceased lacked mental capacity.

If you need advice of any kind about making a Will as an Expat, Liquid Expat Mortgages can introduce you to a Specialist Partner Solicitor who can uniquely provide legal advice, tax consultancy, succession planning, and even family mediation in respect of Will disputes.

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Ellen Stokes
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Tania Tulen
Tania Tulen
Excellent communication and great service. Explained the process every step of the way and were always responsive by email and whatsapp. Thank you!
David Hasdell (Wingaroo)
David Hasdell (Wingaroo)
Great process from start to finish - from knowledge of the market and carefully tailoring products to suit our needs, and then super-efficient assistance right through the whole application process.
Jonathan LH
Jonathan LH
Liquid Expat are superb. They were fast, professional and went the extra mile to help us secure our mortgage. And I had a TRICKY case for them (British citizen living in Zambia and purchasing in the UK) bit they managed to get it solved. Total rock stars, all of them
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Catherine Chan
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Tracie Harrington Hodges
Tracie Harrington Hodges
After an initially shakey experience with a staff member who subsequently left Jae came in like a super hero and helped me to get this deal done. I have been having an immense amount of trouble with my own legal representation (!!!!) and Jae has been the guiding light.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones
We're really pleased with the service provided by Liquid Expat - right from the first conversation through to completion - every step has been managed really professionally and the team have helped us through the process. Thanks to Claire and Liam especially for all your support - I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Sikar Chan
Sikar Chan
Liquid Expat helped a lot in providing mortgage service and guidance throughout the process. Their response time to my email is super fast! I will use their service again and recommend to my friends and family. Excellent!