Here are a few frequently asked questions:


How does it work?

To find out how our currency service provider can help, fill in our online form, and an advisor will be in touch with a quote. They will guide you through the current and forward exchange rates, and the next steps for your transaction.


How long will the transaction take?

This will depend on the type of transaction you choose, and the payment option you select. However, our partners aim to clear all foreign currency transactions within one to five working days, so you can proceed with your investment with minimum delay.


Is the transaction secure?

Yes, your funds will be held in our provider’s FCA-backed bank account, which authorises them to carry out payment services in line with the Payment Services Regulations 2009.


How do you undercut the banks?

Our partner tracks live exchange rates and monitors global treasury providers, to ensure you receive the best possible exchange rate. Due to the high volume of transactions our provider handles, they are able to save you money with more competitive rates.


Are the rates locked in?

Yes, once you agree to a foreign exchange transaction, you will secure the rates provided at that time. These are guaranteed rates, rather than an indication, so you can plan your investment and mortgage decisions with confidence.


How much does the service cost?

This is a free service, with no registration fees, commission or transfer costs.


What is the best way to transfer my funds?

Our provider recommends CHAPS or BACS payment for a fast, secure way to transfer funds directly from your bank account to theirs. However, there are various payment options, including cheques, telephone payments and credit card transactions.

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