Liquid Expat Mortgages prides itself in offering the very best expat mortgage lenders to thousands of mortgage seeking expats from around the world.

One of the cornerstones of our methodology is to develop, nurture and maintain positive and mutually beneficial relationships with lenders of all sizes. From major providers to specialist boutique lenders, we work with the very best professionals, regardless of their size or history.

We give our complete focus to your needs, bringing our extensive experience with overseas mortgage lender services to the table.

Expat Mortgage Lenders

Benefits of partnering with Liquid Expat

Upholding our side of the partnership, we work with you to generate low-risk, high-value deals with expat mortgage seekers.

Using our extensive knowledge of the expat mortgage industry, our hugely experienced team are experts at matching borrowers with lenders.

Our proactive approach to securing the very best deals for our customers and lenders allows us to drive market supply.

We are more than happy to complete all the legwork to benefit all parties, and offer full and comprehensive advice and guidance whenever it is necessary.

  • Dedicated expat mortgage specialists

  • Access to global expatriate mortgage seekers

  • Perfectly packaged applications every time

  • Experienced experts providing a bespoke service for borrowers of all sizes

  • Completely independent and impartial



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