EXPAT Mortgages Over £500,000

At Liquid Expat, we have developed and nurtured long lasting relationships with a large number of mortgage lenders, giving you a unique opportunity to secure a better deal on mortgages over £500,000. Banks and lenders may be inclined to offer a bespoke and high value product to suit your needs.

SpecialisED in HIGH VALUE mortgages

Our team can help you secure a £500K+ mortgage on a property in the UK, without you even needing to set foot on UK shores.

We will help with every step of the process, right through to transferring currency across borders so you get the most value from your investment.

Mortgages Over £500,000

We’ve spent over 12 years specialising in ARRANGING UK expat mortgages.

Our team has decades of experience securing expat mortgages over £500,000. We can use your assets, projected earnings and personal situation to your benefit and provide the best possible mortgage deal.


If you are looking to make a high value investment in the UK property market, we can even help identify high-yield investment opportunities.

Our experience of the UK property market can give you greater insight into the potential of upcoming opportunities.

With different lending criteria, rates and charges imposed by the various lenders who offer high value mortgages, it is important that we source the right deal for you.

We work efficiently and quickly on your behalf, understanding that speed is often of the essence.

We are with you from start to finish

There’s no need for you to chase the lender or other professionals involved in the process and you can always reach us on our UK 24/7 Hotline: +44 (0)161 871 1216.


Our expat-centric approach means we can source insurance products for your specific requirements as an expatriate.

Start your free quote below to find out what £500,000+ mortgage or remortgage deals are available to suit your needs.

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