eXPAT Remortgage & Refinancing IN THE UNITED KINGDOM

To ease the challenge of organising a remortgage for expats living abroad, Liquid Expat Mortgages brings its considerable experience to the table.

If you are looking to release equity from a UK property while residing abroad, the task can be challenging due to the different criteria required by different lenders.

Since we only deal with expat mortgages, we’re able to offer unparalleled experience and knowledge of the industry to get you a great deal. Our expert team can help simplify the entire remortgage process, and help you attain maximum value by identifying the remortgage deal best suited to your situation.


Whether you are looking to release equity from a UK property while you reside abroad, or you’re simply looking to remortgage and make savings, we can help.

Bespoke service

Wherever you are located, our experienced consultants treat every application as an individual, giving a bespoke service to all our clients.

With constant communication with our experts in the UK, clients living abroad can remain on top of all progress being made in their remortgages with little effort on their part.

Work comfortably abroad knowing that your UK remortgage is being taken care of smoothly.

FREE Impartial advice

As an independent team of expat mortgage consultants, our team serves no one but you. Offering completely impartial advice and assistance, we will only endeavour to identify and secure the most beneficial remortgage deal for you and your situation.

Not found that perfect property yet?

We work with some of the biggest property developers in the UK. If you’re looking to move back to the UK or if you’re simply looking to invest, we have stock in London, Birmingham, Manchester, York and Liverpool you could consider.

Please get in touch to discuss your property requirements.


Our expat-centric approach means we can source mortgage products for your specific requirements as an expatriate.

Start your free quote below to find out which expat remortgage would suit your needs best.

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