Case Study – Quick Bridging Finance to Secure Investment Opportunity

Quick Bridging Finance to Secure Investment Opportunity

Bridging Finance Case Study

This is a great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped a UK expat in Hong Kong to secure Bridging Finance for a promising investment opportunity.

The scenario.
Mr. P, a UK expat working and living in Hong Kong, was offered a promising investment opportunity in a property in Manchester. However the investment opportunity had tight deadlines which could not be moved. To complete the transaction Mr P needed access to substantial capital quickly.

Here’s how it worked.
The expat broker provided bridging finance secured against two existing properties in the UK, so enabling him to invest in the Manchester property. Mr. P successfully acquired the new buy to let property which had unexpectedly been re-released back onto the market. As a result of the bridging finance he had cash and was able to negotiate a discount on the unit.

Liquid Expat Mortgages had already arranged a refinance solution with a traditional mortgage and with the help of the property value increase because of the discount at purchase and the sought-after location, Mr P was able to pay off the bridging loan and add to his investment portfolio.

Bridging Finance Solutions

No mater where you are currently living or working around the world, Liquid Expat Mortgages can help you get Bridging Finance in the United Kingdom. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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