Case Study – Buy-to-Let Mortgage for UK Expat based in Australia

Case Study - Buy-to-Let Mortgage for UK Expat in Australia

Difficult, but not impossible…

Read a great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped a UK expat living in Sydney to gain a foothold on the London property market.

The Scenario

Our Sydney client is a project manager for a printing company who was wanting to buy a two-bedroom flat in south-west London as an investment. She’d found a property near to her London-resident father who was in poor health, so she could keep an eye on it when she visited.

She has Portuguese ancestry so she’s applying for a Portuguese passport in the hope of securing EU residency in the UK, and making property-buying in the UK easier in the future.

The Solution

We identified a lender who would take all her circumstances on board. They’re a shariah-compliant “mortgage lender” so there are some additional fact-find requirements on the application form.

Our advice: use an experienced solicitor who’s familiar with shariah mortgages. They’re available to anyone and can be an excellent option, particularly in quirky situations. But the requirements are different to non-shariah mortgages. Our client’s first solicitors weren’t prepared to do the work.

But we got our client her a two-year fixed rate at 4.04% for a 15-year mortgage term, which was a good deal, considering all the factors involved.

And she’s got her foothold in the London property market.

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