Case Study – Helping US Passport Holders


Foreign Passport Holder Case Study

This is a great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped US passport holders living in London to secure a UK mortgage.

The scenario.
John and Sarah were, US passport holders living in London, and wanted to own their family home as they wanted stability to raise their young family. Despite their US citizenship and ongoing visa status, they approached us with the challenge of securing a UK mortgage. With our expertise, we navigated the complexities of their foreign income and non-UK residency.

Here’s how it worked.
We were able to connect them with a lender who specialised in working with international residents. Working closely alongside John and Sarah as well as a chosen lender, all documentation was collated and presented to the lender to start the process. John and Sarah were offered a mortgage on a property they found, thus achieving their dream of owning a family home in London.

Foreign Passport Holder Mortgage Solutions

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