Case Study – BR’s Investment Strategy

BR’s Investment Strategy

BR’s Mortgage Porting Case Study

Explore how UK expats optimise their financial strategies by transferring their mortgages to accommodate shifting circumstances and investment goals. Through the guidance and expertise of specialised and qualified Expat Mortgage brokers at Liquid Expat Mortgages, our clients seamlessly delivered the mortgage porting process, achieving a favourable and bespoke outcome tailored precisely to the client’s distinct requirements.

The scenario.
BR was a UK expat living in Abu Dhabi and worked as a senior manager at one of the world’s leading courier companies. He wanted to invest in property in the UK while residing abroad. He came to Liquid Expat Mortgages via a recommendation from an Expat Forum and spoke with us about what his financial objectives were in so far as his mortgage preferences. He had an existing mortgage on his UK property but wanted to release equity to invest in a second property.

After a few conversations with our Head of Mortgages to discuss the various options, we started to explore mortgage porting options and assess the financial implications. This option seemed a good fit for his needs, and he was comfortable enough to start the ball rolling on porting his mortgage. Our experienced mortgage co-ordinators helped him navigate the process and ensure all the requisite paperwork was delivered as and when required.

The outcome.
By porting his mortgage and releasing equity, BR obtained the funds needed to invest in a second property. This allowed him to diversify his investment portfolio and helped in his objective to achieve long-term financial growth while living and working abroad.

Mortgage Porting Solutions

As qualified and Experienced Mortgage Consultants we are available to help guide you through the entire process. We will be able to advise you based on your unique circumstances, including your income, credit score, and property type. We can help you find the right lender and mortgage product.

Remember, porting a mortgage can be convenient, but it’s crucial to consider all your options carefully, as a new mortgage deal may offer better terms or financial advantages. Weigh the pros and cons, crunch the numbers, and ensure that your decision aligns with your current financial situation and future goals.

For more personalised guidance, consider talking to a Expat Mortgage Broker at Liquid Expat Mortgages to make an informed choice regarding your mortgage during your move.

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