Case Study – A Cargo Pilot’s Retirement Dream with Liquid Expat Mortgages

A Cargo Pilot's Retirement Dream with Liquid Expat Mortgages

Cargo Pilot Mortgage Case Study

This is a great case study on how Liquid Expat Mortgages helped a Cargo Pilot to secure a mortgage for a property near Brighton.

The scenario.
Meet Robert P, a UK national and long-term cargo pilot with a career spanning 27 years was based in Doha, flying cargo across the Middle East and sometimes beyond. Robert envisioned retiring to the serene surroundings near Brighton in the UK. However his extensive expatriate journey, working for various cargo multinational companies, posed a unique challenge when it came to securing a mortgage for his dream retirement home.

Robert’s desire to retire near Brighton collided with the complexities of being a UK national living as an expatriate for nearly three decades. Traditional lenders were hesitant, viewing his expatriate status and overseas income as potential obstacles, thus limiting his options for obtaining a mortgage.

Here’s how it worked.
Liquid Expat Mortgages are long established experts in crafting bespoke solutions for expatriates and non-UK residents. Recognising Robert’s long and financially stable career, they set out to find a mortgage solution that aligned seamlessly with his retirement aspirations and unique expatriate background.

Despite the time zones and strange work patterns we collaborated closely with Robert, tapping into our extensive network of lenders specialising in expatriate cases. We successfully set out the pathway to securing a mortgage that traditional lenders would not consider given no UK credit footprint, salary payment in a foreign currency and the fact he had been an expat for over 30 years. Robert could look forward to retiring near Brighton, with the peace of mind that comes from securing a mortgage tailored to his specific circumstances.

Pilots & Aircrew Mortgage Solutions

Don’t let your lack of time or unconventional work habits hinder your investment goals. As a non-UK resident let us tailor a mortgage solution for you. Our experience of arranging mortgages for Air Crew and Cabin Crew has offered a foothold in the UK property market by overcoming traditional lender barriers.

No mater where you are currently living or working around the world, Liquid Expat Mortgages can help you craft your Will. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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