Building Bricks Across The Ocean: Buying UK Property From the US.

Building Bricks Across The Ocean: Buying UK Property From the US.

Why Expats in the US Should Consider a UK Property.

Whether you’re a UK Expat in the US or a US Expat in the UK, you can still take out a UK mortgage.

For expats looking to build wealth through safe investments, buying UK property can be very fruitful and more simple than you think. Buying property as an investment has numerous benefits. For one, it’s a great way to diversify a client’s portfolio of assets. However, it allows expats to plan for their retirement, secure a potential home should they move back to the UK, or add another revenue stream through a buy-to-let property. “It all depends on your financial objectives. But, many of our UK Expat customers living and working in the USA like to retain some form of connection to the UK. One of the best ways to do this is through buying property” says Stuart Marshall of Liquid Expat Mortgages.

“Whilst there are some bureaucratic hurdles to overcome for a US citizen buying in the UK, it is very possible to obtain a mortgage for a UK property. You just need to know there are providers – like Liquid Expat Mortgages – of foreign national mortgages. It has been an area of considerable growth over the years, especially as the dollar to sterling has made entry into the property market much more affordable. However, buying from the US can be complicated. And, unless you have a partner who can handle and prepare you for these situations, it can be quite daunting”.

Buying UK Property Whilst Living In The US.

UK lenders adopt many different attitudes towards US expats trying to secure a loan. Some lenders decline US expats completely. Others make their decisions dependent on particular criteria. And, some others require that their client lives in the UK for a specified period of time. Often, there will be fewer lenders available for US expats if they aren’t able to stay in the UK indefinitely. “However, given the right broker  both US citizens working in the UK and UK expats living in the US are able to obtain a UK mortgage. In the vast majority of cases, it is a case of securing good financial advice.”

One major difference between the UK and US is that ownership rules are much more relaxed in the UK. For example, when you sell your primary private property in the UK, any gains made are not taxable. However, in the US, only the first $250,000 is tax-free. Anything over this threshold will be subject to taxation. Another difference is that if a property is purchased by a married British and American couple, and said property makes a profit, the US spouse is subject to taxation while the British spouse is not. However, good financial advice and an expert broker will advise you to legitimately mitigate tax. For example, by putting the house in the British spouse’s name or gifting your share to another person before you sell, means you will not be liable for any tax.

Fluctuations In Currency.

Fluctuations in exchange rates can massively affect financial gains when selling or buying a property. This can be vital for US citizens, or US-based British expats, investing in the UK.

“Again, the value of working with an experienced Expat mortgage adviser is inestimable. This is especially true when you consider the many difficulties associated with these types of mortgages. To have the facility of dealing with one broker who has the ability and experience to assist with the entire purchase process is something we have built up over the years. This has allowed us to deliver the correct solution when it comes to US nationals and UK Expats who want to buy in the UK. We can handle cases expertly, simply and effectively. All it takes is pairing the right case with the right lender by being aware of the client’s specific needs”.

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